5º Congreso Checo-Italo-Español sobre Tamices Moleculares y Catálisis

The organizers, on behalf of the Group of Zeolites of the Spanish Catalysis Society, extend a cordial invitation to all colleagues in the field of zeolites and ordered porous materials to attend the 5th Czech-Italian-Spanish Conference on Molecular Sieves and Catalysis which will be held from June 16 to June 19, 2013 in Segovia, Spain.

The Conference is devoted to all aspects of the science and technology associated with ordered porous materials – zeolites, zeotypes, mesostructured materials and porous hybrid solids (MOFs)-. The aim is to bring together international researchers to this wonderful ancient city, into a pleasant environment, to share their recent works as a way to open new collaborations and contribute to the development of the science of these materials.